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Which Type Of Pull Up Bar Is Best?

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There are lots of different kinds of pull up bars on the market. It can be hard to figure out which is best in terms of quality and price. In this post we will show you the disadvantages and advantages of each one and hopefully by the end you will know which pull up bar is best for you.

Telescopic Door Frame Pull Up Bar

Telescopic door frame pull up bars are the most basic style of pull up bar. The setup is easy, the bar extends on either side and  wedges itself between the two uprights of your doorframe. This style of bar is easy to put up, take down and store and is a great introduction to pull up bars and calisthenics in general. You can perform a variety of basic exercises that will build your upper body and core strength. Some things to watch out for with these kinds of pull up bars is that if put up on a week doorframe the wood can begin to crack from the pressure of the bar pushing against it. It is also recommended that you put up brackets to prevent the bar from slipping or falling.

Door Frame Leverage Pull Up Bars

Door frame leverage pull up bars are one of the most popular styles of bars, and for good reason. They are super versatile and easy to put up. The Bar goes over the top of the doorframe and your weight causes them to stay in place as the bar pushes against the wall in both directions. This style of bar can also have a multiple grip setup which allows for you to work biceps, triceps, chest, delts, back, abs, core, obliques and more! Using this bar you can get a full body calisthenics workout.

Wall And Ceiling Mounted Pull Up Bars

Wall mounted  and ceiling mounted bars can do everything the door frame leverage bars do but they are more permanent and sturdy. They are great for setting up in a garage or on an outside wall. These styles of bar is great for a home garage gym or outdoor workout area but if you are just starting off then the doorway bars would be a better option. Note that with pull up bars that attach to the wall or ceiling, you always want to make sure tat the surface your attaching it to is constructed with a strong material like brick, studs or concrete.

Free Standing pull up bars

Free standing pull up bars come in lots of different styles sizes and vary in price. These sometimes include other bars bands and rings as well. Free standing bars are a great addition to a home gym or workout area in the garage. If you feel like you have grown out of a wall or ceiling mounted bar a free standing pull up bar is the next step up.


So Which Is Best?

For a beginner who is looking to buy their first pull up bar, the door frame leverage pull up bar is definitely the best option. It is super easy to take up and down it can be put up in any doorway. You can perform beginner and advanced exercises on the bar using the different holds. And finally the price of one of these bars is great. We recommend the Sportneer multigrip doorway trainer as it has a sleek high quality design and is not too expensive.

If you are interested in learning more about calisthenics after reading this. Then check out our article on why calisthenics is better than going to the gym.  


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