Top 3 Best Battle Ropes-For An Intense Workout

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Battle ropes are becoming a more and more popular piece of exercise equipment in the fitness world. You may have seen them being used before as they are commonly used by MMA fighters, Boxers and Athletes. Battle ropes are designed to improve the muscular endurance of your arms and upper body which is why athletes and use them. Even if you are not training for a fight in the ring battle ropes are great for building upper body strength and muscle. Here are the Top 3 Best Battle Ropes to help build upper body strength and endurance.

Komodo 9M Battle Rope

The Komodo 9M battle rope is THE best battle rope for beginners. It weighs approximately 8kg which is not to heavy but it can still give you a solid upper body and core workout and has a 38mm diameter. The grips are sturdy and allow you to keep a firm grip and have a rubber seal on the end to prevent any kind of fraying of the rope. This rope is a great first battle rope and can provide a great workout. One thing with the grips is that when your hands get sweaty you do lose your grip at some points. This isn’t too big of a problem but it is something to watch out for.


Komodo battle rope

FXR Sport Battle Rope

The FXR Sport Battle Rope comes in 6 different sizes. The heaviest being the 15mx50mm which comes in at around 13kg and the lightest being the 9mx38mm at 7kg. So if your looking to build some real strength and power in your arms you can go for one of the heavier options and if your going for speed and endurance you can get one of the lighter ropes. The handles are solid and provide a good secure grip and the rope is great for indoor and outdoor use. Overall a great battle rope for an intermediate.


FXR Sport Battle Rope


The power guidance Battle rope is definitely a more high quality advanced battle rope. It comes in 3 different sizes 9m, 12m and 15m. The rope has a 3 strand twisted design and is made of 100% Dacron, a more durable and heavier blend of PolyPro and PolyDac materials. The handles are 10 inch heat shrink grips designed for a good grip and ‘guaranteed to never come off’. After lots of vigorous testing we can confirm. The rope also has a nylon sleeve cover on it to prevent dirt and grime getting into the rope and also to stop the rope from fraying over time. Power Guidance also include an anchor for the rope which can be attached to a garage wall. Overall a great battle rope and if you are willing to spend the money definitely go for this one out of the four.


Power Guidance Premium battle rope