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10 Hardcore Battle Rope Exercises

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If you go to the gym or watch videos of athletes or boxers training then you might have seen them using what looks like a big oversized rope attached to the wall or around a pole. These are whats called battle ropes which are as the name implies, these super sized heavy ropes designed to add resistance and improve your muscular strength and endurance. Battle ropes come in lots of different lengths ranging from about 9m to 15m usually. For a beginner it is best to go with one of the shorter more light ropes to familiarise yourself with all the moves and then work your way up to a more heavy longer and thicker rope. Battle ropes allow you to train a bunch of different muscles. You can strengthen your arms, abs, core, shoulders, lower back and your legs. So you can add in a battle rope to an upper body workout an abs workout or even just use the rope on its own for a killer full body conditioning workout. If that sounds like something you want to try then check these 10 hardcore Battle Rope Exercises out.

1. Alternating Waves

Face the anchor point with your feat shoulder width apart bend your knees slightly. Grab one end of the rope with each hand and as the name suggests make a wave with one arm then alternate between them as fast as you can. This exercises is best with a light or medium weight rope. Try to go for as long as you can and as fast as you can to build endurance in your arms.

2. Double arm waves

These are the same as the alternating waves but you make two waves at the same time instead of alternating hands. Another great exercise to really kill your arms and upper body. If you have a heavier rope try doing alternating waves with a light rope for as long as you can then go straight into double arm waves with a heavier rope to really kill your arms.

3. Snakes On The Ground

Face the anchor with your feet a little more than shoulder width apart. Hold the ropes by your sides, lower into a squat position and wave the ropes in a side to side motion on the ground. You should feel the exercise in your shoulders and upper arm. This exercises is great for really isolating your delts and is a killer exercise.

4. Arm Circles

This exercises is another great exercise that really activates your shoulders and can help you build a lot of strength and endurance in them. It is a simple exercise just face the anchor hold one end of the rope in each hand with your palms facing the ground. Then just pretend your drawing a circle in the air with each hand going the opposite direction. you can also do them with both hands doing one big circle to switch things up.

5. Hip Toss

This one really works your lower back, core and obliques. Grab one end of the rope in each hand feet shoulder width apart. Then bring you hands out in front of your body keeping your elbows tucked into your chest. Finally just twist your whole body while keeping your feet stationary and toss the rope to the side while twisting. Do this on each side as fast as you can. This is best with a heavier rope as a heavier rope provides more resistance to make the exercise harder.

6. Russian Twists

You have probably heard of Russian twists before. It is a brilliant core and oblique exercise that can be performed with dumbbells or a medicine ball. The way it is done with a battle rope is basically the same. Think of it just as a seated Hip Toss where your seated facing the anchor with your feet raised and you twist with one end of the rope in each hand. If you are finding that you can’t keep your balance keep your feet on the ground for a better balance and stability. You can start off by just using one end of rope in both hands to get the form right and then move up to two.

7.In And Out Waves

These are similar to Snakes On The Ground but are done quicker and in the air. You need to use a light rope on this one because it is very demanding on the arms and you wont be able to keep it up for long. Hold your arms by your side with one end of the rope in each hand. wave the rope side to side and go for as long as possible.

8. Power Slams

Stand feet hip width apart, grab an end of the rope in each hand, bring both ends up above your head and then SLAM the ropes down quickly and forcefully down onto the ground, then repeat. This exercise is better with a heavier rope and less repetitions so that its not just a drag with a light rope going up and down and u and down.

9. Jumping Jacks

This one is just some good cardio. It is basically just a harder version of a normal jumping jack. It is a good warm up or cool down exercise just grab a light rope one end in each hand and perform a normal jumping jack.

10. Shuffle

The shuffle is basically the double arm wave with some added movement to make it harder. While doing the double arm waves side step or shuffle for roughly 3-4 metres one way then the same on the other side another good way to warm up your legs and arms before a hardcore workout. Use a heavier rope to make this exercise less of a warmup and more of a killer arm ab and leg exercise.

Next time you workout try incorporating some of them into your routine and see how you get on. There great for really killing your arms at the end of a biceps and triceps workout or for warming up your muscles before a workout.  If you are looking to buy a battle rope after reading this then check out our article on the top 3 Best Battle Ropes.