How To Build An Outdoor Freestanding Pull Up Bar

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Indoor pull up bars are great and all but if you want to do long workout sessions using a pull up bar the kitchen door isn’t really the best place. This is where an outdoor pull up bar comes in. They allow you to perform a wider variety of moves to a regular doorframe bar and are in a better workout environment, your garden. They are relatively ¬†cheap around ¬£20-40 (depending on where you buy the supplies from) and don’t take up much space in the garden. Building an outdoor pull up bar is relatively easy and it doesn’t require any past experience in construction. It will take roughly a day to put up and assemble so pick a nice sunny day and get to work.

Everything You Will Need

2 pieces of 4x4x10 Lumber

1×60 metal pipe with threaded ends

2 Bags of quikrete or Postcrete

2 Floor flanges that fit the threaded pipe

1 3/8 flat drill bit

8 bolts to secure flanges

To Make the process easier to follow and understand here is a very easy to follow and helpful video that explains it all.

Hopefully now you have an outdoor pull up bar all set up and ready to go. This type of free standing bar allows you to perform more difficult moves than you would be able to on a doorframe pull up bar. For example the muscle up. It is the next step up from a pull up and engages muscles that wouldn’t get used with a normal pull up and that is just one of the advantages of free standing pull up bars. Overall if you are looking for a weekend project and also happen to need a new pull up bar than give it a go you won’t regret it.