The Basic Exercises Of Calisthenics

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So you have heard about calisthenics and want to get started with it? Well first of all you have made a great choice, calisthenics is a sport which can help you build bigger muscles and help you learn to truly have full control over your body. And best of all it does this without you having to spend anything! No gym membership, no equipment, nothing. Of course there is equipment and things you can buy to enhance your calisthenics workouts but to get started it doesn’t cost a dime.

A big reason why people like calisthenics so much is because of it’s versatility. It can be done virtually anywhere with, as we said earlier little to no equipment if you don’t want it. Also calisthenics has so many unique and different exercises too choose from you can always keep switching up your workouts to incorporate different exercises so your workouts never get boring and repetitive.

Calisthenics can also be a good foundation for any kind of physical activity. For example if you want to get into weight training and bodybuilding but don’t feel like you you have the right muscular foundations and the strength yet. Then start off with calisthenics. It’s cheap, easy to get into, and builds strong muscular foundations.

Obviously there a few advantages to going to the gym and weight training instead of calisthenics. For example in calisthenics it is a lot harder to isolate specific muscles and usually it takes longer to put on mass using calisthenics. But the reason I like it and so many others do as well is how you feel in full control of your body. If you have researched into calisthenics at all I am sure you have seen videos of people performing things like the human flag and hand stand push ups. These are things calisthenics can teach you.

The Basic Exercises

In my opinion there are 5 main types of exercises you need to begin in the world of calisthenics. After you master these then you can go onto more advanced exercises but you have to get these 5 types of exercises down.

  • Push-Ups

Push Ups

You probably already know what a push-up is. You may already be doing them, but are you doing them right? The pushup is a classic exercise that is used in almost every chest and arm workout in calisthenics. Wether you are a beginner or a professional calisthenics athlete you will probably have some sort of pushup in your workout routine. The pushup has many different variations to make them easier or harder and are used in calisthenics all the time so you have to know how to do them right. If you want to learn more about the pushup and how to do it right then check out this video. The perfect push up by calisthenics movement.

  • Various Pull-Ups

This is another essential exercise that you need to have in your arsenal. It helps strengthen your back, arms ad shoulders and is key if you want that v shaped tapered back. So if you don’t have a pull up bar consider purchasing one just something as simple as a doorframe pull up bar would do the trick.

  • Various Dips

Dips again are another exercise that is key for strengthening your arms more specifically, your triceps. Dips can be done using dip bars, a dip station or using a chair or bench. Whatever way you choose to do dips just make sure you get them into your arm workouts to really build your arms width and mass.

  • Ab Exercises

Ab Exercises

There are loads of different abdominal exercise out there so this one is a bit more general but knowing a good set of ab exercisesis great for when your working out on the fly. And also the technique on some ab exercises is difficult so having that down is great. Check out this simple ab workout by Austin Dunham and for something more advanced workout check this one out by ThenX.

  • Squats

You have probably heard of squats before, in my opinion the best upper leg exercises out there it helps tone you upper legs and put on some mass in your legs. Just make sure you get you form right. For the correct form check this out.

Hopefully now that you have read this you know what you need to be doing to get started with calisthenics and build the right muscular foundations. If you found this article interesting make sure to check out our other blog posts and our shop. Other than that good luck and enjoy what calisthenics has to offer. If you want learn more about calisthenics then consider checking out our article on calisthenics and why it is better than the gym.


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